IMG_02091When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”

We attended our local “Pooch Plunge” sponsored by the Humane society.  This event is the social event of the year for dogs and their owners.  We all strain at the leash eagerly waiting for the gate of our local pool to swing open and let the dogs in to swim.

Inside, we leap into the water swimming from side to side.  At least, that’s what Mallory does at the pool.  She can’t wait to get into the water.

Seneca is a different story.  She walks around the edge of the pool, barely getting her paws wet as she laps up some water.  Seneca greets everyone and is the perfect hostess.  She’s very social but has to be forced into the water.  Once there, she swims happily to the edge and gets out of the pool.  She can’t wait to get back to her comfort zone.

Our other two dogs stay home.  Bella doesn’t like the water at all so she misses out on an outing with the family.  Danni doesn’t participate because she doesn’t get along with other dogs.  She might have a wonderful time and love to swim but we will never know as she can’t be trusted.  Danni would ruin it for all the happy pooches plunging in the pool and having fun.

So what kind of church goer are you?  Do you plunge right in going deeper with Jesus?  Are you a social Christian, only plunging in when forced?  Do you stay away so you don’t have your life disrupted in any way; not knowing what you are missing?

Or do you stay home complaining about those who do go to church?  Or maybe you go, grumping and gossiping the whole time, ruining it for those who are doing what God created them to do.

Why not jump in with Jesus and go deeper every day?




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