But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.  Revelation 2:4 ESV


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When we come home after a few hours away from Danni, we are greeted exuberantly.  We make sure she gets out and her water bowl is filled.  If it’s time to eat, her food is readied and then it is time to think of ourselves.  What do we want to do?  What do we want to eat?  We have met her needs and now it is all about us.  Only problem is with that way of thinking, Danni is at the door as soon as she sees the car keys.  She is excited that we are going to go somewhere.

Many times when Danni expects to go along, we change our plans.  Instead of sit down eating, we head for the drive through windows and she gets ice cream.  Other times, we will go somewhere to take a walk or satisfy her with a quick ride around the block.  Then there are the times where we just kiss her and tell her we will be back soon.  We shut the door in her face and watch her watching us through the window as we put ourselves first.  Those are the times it is all about me, myself, and I.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have to leave our pets to go to work and to meet our other responsibilities but it is never fun to be the one left behind.  The church at Ephesus is told in Revelation 2 that they are doing a bang up job.  Their deeds, hard work and perseverance are phenomenal.  They do lack one tiny, little thing.  They have left their first love, Jesus.  They are still working for him but it just isn’t the same as when they first met and fell in love.  Things have gotten a little stale.  The Ephesian church is thinking less about Jesus and more about themselves.

We start out strong in our relationship with Jesus.  We think we can go out and change the world for Him.  Little by little, it becomes more about what we are doing and less about what he is doing through us.

We have all heard people who only talk of themselves.  We have the “I can do all things through Christ” scripture memorized.  We are positive and energetic.  We make great strides in reaching the world for Jesus but when was the last time we let Jesus reach us?  Sure we know Jesus as our Savior but is he taking control?  Have we invited him to change our hearts or are we satisfied with the way we are?

I know I have miles to go before my heart is filled with love and compassion for others.  Years of construction are ahead of me to tear down strongholds and uproot weeds of bitterness.  Hours upon hours with Jesus are needed to make my heart pliant and obedient.  It will take months of cleaning out my ears to hear that still, small voice speak peace and joy to my spirit.

How about you?  Do you spend more time telling people about Jesus or spending time with him so your actions reflect your words?  This me, myself and I girl want the cry of my heart to be “Change me, Jesus!  Just change me!”

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