For Seneca, my Halloween Parade Partner

Fluffy Butt went home today

She crossed the rainbow bridge

‘Twas the first time I couldn’t follow

But I did until the end

I remember walks a plenty

I followed close behind

Her tail was high while trotting;

left to see the squirrels, and right to chase a bunny

Sometimes we jumped high to reach the sky

When birdies would fly by

She patiently waited while I had crutches

And recently our paces matched as her pace slowed with mine

I followed her quite slowly

But I remember days gone by where we played and chased and ran

We’d howl the husky howl and I would rub her belly

till husky hair was everywhere

How many roofs were climbed?

How many fences jumped?

How many car rides, walks, and parks?

We have done so many things

Now she journeys on alone,

But with her goes my heart

Someday I will follow there

And reach the gates of heaven

Where husky hair lines the streets of gold

I will be greeted with that husky smile;

Her eyes alert and bright, she’ll turn and lead the way

And once again, I will follow as we walk for miles and miles.

I will follow Fluffy Butt once more

Pain will be forgotten as now she runs and plays

But here on earth she’s loved and missed

And will never be forgotten.


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