“I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3 NIV

Each Sunday, our local newspaper publishes an article called “A Life Remembered”. It takes a look back at the life of someone who has recently died. It serves as a memorial for a person who will always be loved and whose memory will be cherished. I’d like to do that for Mallory Lynn Reid-Lucas who would have celebrated her birthday today. She recently left us broken hearted but will always live on in our hearts.

Mallory was a natural pack leader.

She loved watching TV. It had to be hung high as she didn’t think animals were necessary on television. She has been known to attack and win the fight with other animals appearing on television shows or commercials.

Mallory loved to swim and lounge in the kiddie pools. She always carried her leash in her mouth just as she did when she went on walks.

Mallory loved the snow.

Mallory liked to play. She loved to play ball and tug of war. Toys didn’t usually last too long because Mallory also liked to chew.

Mallory liked to dress up. She willingly came to you for reindeer antlers, Mickey Mouse ears, thundershirts, bandanas, and Halloween outfits. She was glad to oblige your need to dress her up for the holidays.

Mallory was trusted. She was a friend and protector of the family cat. She wagged her tail so the cat could play and let her hang off her face. Eventually, Mallory would take her paw and push her away but not before she’d had her fun. She loved her human sister and that love was returned. She was climbed on, fed, rested on, slept on and rode like a horse.

Mallory got older. She was not always gray. She started out as pure chocolate. Her life remembered started out the day she was dropped on my bed as a puppy. We watched as she learned to negotiate stairs and jumping on furniture. We watched and tugged with her playing with her toys and canine sisters. I woke up with her face on the pillow next to me many times. When our eyes met, she gently licked me.

Now Mallory is not putting her graying face in my lap or waiting for treats. She’s not playing tug or basking in the sun or rolling in the snow. She’s not barking at the television or growing bored with me and climbing the stairs to the spare bedroom where she can enjoy the neighborhood view from a comfy bed. She’s not climbing into the driver’s seat of the car trying to steer. Mallory is also not in pain anymore or panting heavily so that she worries the entire family. She is at peace but she has left a hole in the hearts of all those who knew and loved her.

If someone wrote an article about your life would it be a glowing tribute to a life well lived? Paul wrote to the Philippians in chapter one, verse 13, telling them that he thanked God every time he remembered them. He goes on to say that he prays with joy for them and that they are his partners in the gospel. He states that he believes God will complete the work he started in them. In verse 7, he tells them they are in his heart. He prays that they will grow and be more like Jesus everyday.

Do you work along side Christian friends? Are they thankful for your life and the work that you do? Do they pray for you and help you to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus?

Just like Mallory will always be in the heart of those of us who love her, Paul had the Philippians in his heart. Is your life a life to be remembered? Are you holding others up in prayer and keeping them in your heart? I pray that as you love Jesus and others, that your life will be remembered in the heart of all those you come in contact with each day.

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